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As dental plaque infiltrates below the gum line, the bacteria releases toxins which irritate your gum tissue. Your body then responds to this invasion with inflammation, and then the tissue in the mouth and the bones supporting your teeth begin to break down. As your gums pull back from the teeth, spaces (pockets) form between your teeth and the gums and become infected. As time goes on, these pockets deepen as gum tissue and bone is destroyed.

At Institute of Dental Implants and Periodontics, Dr. Peter Domagala and Dr. Jennifer Shango are pleased to offer gum treatment options for our patients with periodontitis (gum disease) in Gurnee, Illinois. To repair the damage done by periodontitis, we offer the following treatments:

–Bone grafts: this is where we reverse some of the damage incurred from lost bone and tissue.

–Gum graft surgery: covering exposed tooth roots with gum tissue to prevent continued recession and bone loss.

–Dental crown lengthening: adjusting gum and bone levels to expose more of the natural tooth.

–Dental implants: replacing a lost tooth/teeth by placing an artificial tooth root into your jaw by a tooth or bridge.

–Pocket reduction: folding back the gum tissue, removing the bacteria, and securing the tissue.

–Scaling and root planing: deep cleaning the root surfaces which can also be followed up with antibiotics.

If you do suffer from the effects of periodontitis, we invite you to visit our periodontists, Dr. Domagala and Dr. Shango in Gurnee, Illinois, to find out how we can restore your healthy smile. You can reach our team by calling 847-662-3414 today!