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Losing teeth, whether due to periodontal disease or tooth decay, may best restore oral function with the help of a dental implant restoration. Sometimes a dental implant might also call for a dental procedure called a sinus lift. Sinus lifts have become more common in the last 15 years as more and more people with tooth loss turn to dental implants to restore their smiles.

A sinus lift is a surgical dental procedure. It adds bone to the molar and premolar areas of the upper jaw that hold a dental implant in place. This may be necessary if your mouth doesn’t have enough bone height to support the implant. To accomplish this, a bone material may need to be added to this area–between the maxillary sinuses and the upper jaw on either side of your nose.

To perform a sinus lift, the sinus membrane would need to be lifted up and away from your jaw. Then the area will be filled with some bone-graft material. This bone graft material may be derived from somewhere else in your body or by using bone fragments or bone material from a tissue bank.

Once the area is healed, and it can take anywhere from 4-9 months and the bone-graft material fuses with your natural bone, you will be ready for the dental implant which will be placed into the bone.

Have you lost teeth and are looking for a permanent dental solution to restore oral function? If so, a dental implant restoration might just be the best choice for your smile.

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