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If you have lost one or more teeth, you have many options for tooth replacement, and dental implants are one of the most advanced because they are placed right in your jawbone for a long-lasting and natural hold. Dr. Domagala along with our team can help you determine if dental implants will provide the durability, longevity and functionality that your smile needs after tooth loss.

Below are some important dental implant benefits that your smile can gain from the placement procedure:

– The process of osseointegration is a unique occurrence for dental implants that bonds the implant post to the jawbone to strengthen its hold so that it can function like a real tooth root.

– While missing teeth can result in a sunken facial appearance over time, dental implants replace the missing support to help maintain your facial structure.

– Similarly, tooth loss can weaken the jawbone by causing it to reabsorb over time, but dental implants give the jawbone something to grip again so that it keeps its strength.

– We offer customized dental implants that are shaped to complement your natural appearance so that you can have a full smile of beautiful teeth.

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