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Have you heard a friend or colleague mention that their poor dental health is caused by their genetics, such as having a family history of gum disease? While at the time you may not have considered the matter very carefully, there is truth to the idea. To help you better understand your oral help, we offer some important facts regarding the link between oral health and genetics:

– Your genes can certainly play a factor in harmful oral conditions, but they may not be as significant of a contribution as your lifestyle or environment.

– If you underwent genetic testing and were informed you carry a gene that predisposes you to a particular disease, there is no guarantee you will actually contract that disease.

– Studies have not identified an exact genetic link to periodontal disease, while other risk factors such as poor oral hygiene, smoking, and other choices of a lifestyle show strong associations.

– Perhaps the most efficient method to determine the quality and patterns of your oral health is to receive an examination from Dr. Timothy Erdle and our team.

The good news is that you have substantial control over your oral health and its future developments by practicing excellent oral hygiene habits. Your daily dental care puts you on the right path to enjoying a healthy smile for life.

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