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A severe oral accident that causes one of your teeth to be knocked out of the socket might traumatize the tooth and the socket too badly for a root canal to be a viable course of treatment. To prevent further complications and infection, Dr. Timothy Erdle might advocate a total extraction.

As time goes by, the pain will abate and the wounded gums will knit together. Then he can start the process of restoring the tooth’s presence in your mouth with a dental implant.

This is a titanium abutment that is surgically installed directly into the underlying bone structure. Once it has fused with the surrounding bone tissues, the implant will provide a strong anchor point for an eventual dental crown.

The material your dentist suggests for the crown will depend on the tooth’s location in your mouth. Dental-grade porcelain can be shaded to match the natural tooth enamel, so it makes it a good option for restoring an avulsed tooth that was prevalent in your smile. Gold and base metal crowns are known for their durability, so they might be better served to restore a missing molar.

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